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Save time. CSF has made it easy to locate spare "Ford Focus Engine" online, quickly and easily with many parts being the genuine FOCUS article so take time out today to complete the form online. When you need your Engine quickly for your Ford Focus and you demand that you want a a reconditioned rather than new, we can help by putting you in touch with FOCUS breakers today by simply making your request online now.

Up to 80% savings for the Ford Focus Engine and more from breaker yards and motor spares suppliers .

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  • 08.14am: Gdci *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.8. For year 1988 Second hand engine .
  • 05.42pm: TDI *ENGINE COMPONENT 1800. For year 2001 engine oil cooler.
  • 01.07pm: SUMP 2.5. For year 2006 oil sump.
  • 08.32pm: Petrol ENGINE COMPLETE" 1400. For year 1999 .
  • 12.52pm: Tdci *ENGINE COMPONENT 1800. For year .
  • 06.51pm: *ENGINE COMPONENT 2500. For year 2006 boost contol solenoid.
  • 05.52pm: *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.8. For year 1988 Module control.

  • Engine Spares For The Ford Focus

    Engine Complete Diesel, Mounts and Cylinder Heads For Ford Focus
    Focus Cylinder Head Focus Engine Mount

    Crankshafts, Pulleys, Belt Tensioners, Fly Wheels and Idlers For The Ford Focus
    Focus Crankshaft Pulley Focus Camshaft Focus Belt Tensioner Pulley Focus Belt Idler Pulley
    Focus Crankshaft Focus Fly Wheel

    Timing Covers, Sumps, Throttle Body, Rocker Cover and Air Filter Box For Ford Focus
    Focus Throttle Body Focus Timing Cover Focus SUMP Focus Rocker Cover
    Focus Air Filter Box

    Engine Management ECU, Idle Control and Overrun Valves: Injectors. Air Metering Units, Knock and Camshaft Sensors For The Focus
    Focus Injectors Focus ECU Focus ECU (ENGINE MANAGMENT) Focus Air Metering Unit
    Focus Anti Knock Sensor Focus Camshaft Sensor Focus Idle Control Valve Focus Overrun Valve

    Reconditioned Focus Engines

    Most Focus engines come with a suitable warranty up to 6 months, whether reconditioned or good conditioned used, based on mileage etc. When choosing your next Ford Focus engine don't forget to compare price with the actual mileage done and any evidence of service. Extra information is also useful such as your existing number printed on the engine for your Ford Focus and whether it is petrol or diesel, so an exact replacement can be quoted.

    Typical Requests Placed By CarSpareFinder Visitors

  • 02.30pm: *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.8. For year 2003 Feul pump.
  • 09.35pm: TITANIUM *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.6. For year 2008 ENGINE COVER.
  • 06.09pm: tdci ECU (CONTROL UNIT) 1.8. For year 2002 1xra 2s4a-12a650-nb.
  • 07.29pm: sxl *ENGINE COMPONENT 1600. For year 2005 cylinder head.
  • 12.49pm: tdci ECU 1597. For year 2007 part number is: 7m5t 14a073 and the last 2 characters are any one of the following: a.
  • 11.17am: CAMSHAFT 1800. For year 2000 .
  • 11.24pm: hwda Petrol ENGINE COMPLETE" 1600. For year 2004 .
  • 09.07pm: Lx *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.8. For year 1998 .
  • 02.01pm: *ENGINE COMPONENT 1.8. For year 1990 Alternator.
  • 09.59pm: Tdci *ENGINE COMPONENT 1800. For year 2009 Turbo.
  • 11.04am: Petrol ENGINE COMPLETE" . For year 2012 .
  • 09.19pm: sel AIR FILTER BOX 2.0. For year 2010 .

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